Important appointment information

If possible, please stop all antihistamines and antihistamine containing flu and cough medications at least 7 days prior to your appointment. Please bring along all your current medications and previous allergy test results if available.


The first consultation is R900.
Subsequent consultations are R800.
Consultations do not include procedures like Lung function and Allergy testing. These are only done if needed and can only be determined at the consultation.

Lung Function test:
With reversibility R800.00
With-out reversibility R600.00
Skin Prick tests: R 40.00 per test

Blood test are charged by the laboratory that will be doing the testing. The blood samples will be taken at the Allergy Clinic and send off to the laboratory.

Skin prick testing is the gold standard and can be done for most allergens. In patients that cannot stop antihistamines or with severe atopic dermatitis and for more specialised allergy tests, blood tests will be requested. This will be discussed at the consultation.

Follow-up consultations will be needed to discuss results of blood tests.


Payment will need to be made on the day of the consultation including the cost of any tests that were done.
A statement will be provided for you to claim back from your Medical Aid.