Meet Dr. Corli Lodder

I am Dr Corli Lodder practising in the beautiful city of George in the Western Cape at the Allergy and Asthma clinic in the Red River Centre in Arbour Road.

Opening this dedicated Allergy and Asthma clinic pleases me tremendously. My focus on allergic conditions and passion for allergic patients came over many years. Let me tell the story:

I was born in Kerksdorp in the Wes-Transvaal as the fifth child of my parents, George and Elza Gravett. We moved to Amersfoort for a while and then settled in Boksburg where I attended school. Being a doctor was my original dream that became a reality as I graduated with a MBChB at the University of the Free State in 1989. My father was medical doctor and I never really wanted to do anything else. After practising as a General Practitioner for years, I started to focus on allergic conditions simply because I needed answers for myself, as an Allergic Rhinitis sufferer, and for my patients that had such poor quality of life.

Too many patients still have numerous surgical procedures without receiving any information on chronic allergic rhinitis inflammation and how to manage that. Too many children still do not participate in sporting activities simply due to poorly controlled asthma and hay fever. Scarring of skin still causes embarrassment while atopic dermatitis is not diagnosed or not well controlled. Not even mentioning how many patients are avoiding food groups without any proof that it is that specific food that actually caused their symptoms that lead to the Emergency Room visit.

In 2003 I completed the Allergy Diploma at the College of Medicine of South Africa. Academically I was not satisfied yet. The next step towards a dream of a higher qualification stared in 2007 with an appointment as a researcher at the department of Immunology at Pretoria University. During this time, I continued practising as a GP in Boksburg. The focus of our research was on Montelukast and the topic of my thesis was “The neutrophil-directed anti-inflammatory effects of Montelukast”. Results of the work were published in International journals and was presented at the European Allergy Congress. In 2011, I received my PhD.

I am a member of the Allergy Society of SA, The National Asthma Education Program of SA and member on the Allergic Rhinitis Working group of SA and have been for many years.

Spreading the information that would change people’s lives, was my new mission. For a few years I facilitated an arts competition for primary school children in Boksburg, focussing on Asthma control. I had to approach the school principles to get the children involved and, in doing this in 2010, I met the love of my life. Christo W Lodder was the principle at Concordia primary school. It was love at first sight for both of us! This was my second dream coming true, having a husband that loved me and supported me in every way he could. There are a third “C” in this special story, Christo E Lodder became my son.

You thought I made a calculation error, didn’t you! The PhD was the third dream because, Dr CM Gravett did the research and published her work but became Dr CM Lodder and she was awarded a PhD, my third dream coming true!

In 2019 we relocated from Boksburg to George and loving every day in this beautiful area of our country! The memories we made, carries me every day knowing “My Lief” is still with me in spirit.

On 6 April 2021, this Allergy and Asthma clinic opened in George. Just another dream coming true in my life. God has blessed me tremendously and I am grateful for His presence in my life.