First two events of the Allergy Hat Series held in George

During this COVID-time, I ate at a restaurant in a nearby town. My choice was a chicken and cashew nut salad. Taking off my mask to eat, I did keep my Allergy Hat on…there were no cashews in the salad. Asking about the nuts used, I was informed that it was mixed nuts on that day. Think about this for two seconds, there might have been peanuts in the mix and Peanut allergy is the most common cause of fatal food allergic reactions! Nuts do cross react with other nuts and peanuts but some patients can be allergic to only one kind and they trust the information on a label and on a menu. This kind of experience leads to isolation for food allergic people and now, after restrictions in the world living with COVID, we all had a taste of how poor quality of life can be if we cannot socialize around a plate of food away from our own homes!

Dr. Lodder hosted the first two events in the Allergy Hat Series which was met with great interest. Being an Allergist Doctor is really like being a detective. Due to lack of knowledge people can make assumptions about the reason for their symptoms and have to sometimes endure years of discomfort, pain or embarrassment because of symptoms not treated correctly. Here Dr. Lodder can help you get to the bottom of your ailments and show you ways to prevent exposure by putting your 'Allergy Hat' on.

The first talk in the series focussed on skin related and general food allergies. The second talk spoke more about nut allergies and available treatments to people suffering from these allergies.

If you are hosting an event and would like Dr. Lodder to talk about allergies and the latest treatments. Please contact us: 044 050 1415

Here is a snippet of Dr. Lodder talking about Nut Allergies: